About Us

Edu-Teck does what its name says. We combine education (Edu) and technology (Teck) seamlessly to benefit the lives of lakhs of children. Learn more about us by scrolling down

Edu-Teck Offers

  • Up-to-date, expertly compiled, QR-coded practice books
  • A detailed selection of video content for every topic and sub-topic
  • Expert explanations and 24x7 access to e-learning
  • An expanding library of materials from Nursery school to Class 12
  • CBSE and State board syllabuses covered
  • Complete one-year, unlimited access
  • First mover’s advantage via our exclusive referral system
  • A chance to join the growing Edu-Teck community, spread education and earn well through our unique and generously planned direct selling model

The Company

Edu-Teck came into existence with a simple concept — to help students get educated, by providing quality learning content within budget. In addition, we also help our enthusiastic distributors earn income and make a vibrant, better living.

What We Do

The Edu-Teck educational website offers quality educational video contents and physical work books for children from Nursery school to Class 12, under the CBSE and State boards. It's a double advantage. Expertly crafted practice books run a revision of the entire syllabus of offered subjects. And, to enhance that, videos on every topic make a faster mental connect for the developing child, born in this age of gadgets and technology.
It's a team effort, too. Refer our facilities to your friends and colleagues, and you can easily join our community as a distributor. Every referral earns a reward, contributing a healthy and dynamic earning stream to each participant.

Our Educational Content

Only the best-in-the-market experts create our educational content. A thorough study of sector trends, years of experience and a fresh perspective on learning come together in the materials we offer. As per Education Ministry guidelines and updates, we continually revise our syllabus, leaving zero room for worry amongst our students and their parents. Read, scan watch — learn! That’s the simple, convenient participation you get options for. This naturally draws in the focus of kids, thanks to the encouraging variety of methods involved.

Why Are We Different?

Other similar content providers are only present in the online space. We, on the other hand, offer physical textbooks-cum-notebooks along with our technological support. Since our books are only available in the market through the medium of direct selling with our distributors, you can’t just find them in abundance at every shop or bookstore. All you need is a referral code, and then you can purchase any Edu-Teck product from our app or website.

Our Social Mantra

With quality educational content, we strive to make our future generations well-educated and successful in every industry of their choosing. Our special model for direct selling boosts a sense of community in academic circles. We want to share the gift of being able to help a child absorb the best possible education. As an Edu-Teck distributor, we also invite you to take up a humble yet steady and solid earning stream made by referring our packages. You need no extra qualifications for the same — just the will to make a positive difference in the present and future.

Our Values

We are deeply committed to the cause of efficiently educating young kids, who are rapidly adapting to a new system of learning. Our catalogue of packages and content is ever-expanding and carefully curated. Our business model is one that hopes to make a heartfelt impact in the country and the world.