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Find that perfect balance between traditional book learning and next-gen online classrooms with our interactive teaching methods

Physical Books

Tried and tested, nothing beats a physical book in hand to focus and learn. Our wide range of detailed practice books gives you exactly what you need — but with a twist!

Digital Teaching

Gen-Z shows fast adaptability to understanding information on-screen. Over hundreds of videos, our expert mentors provide simple explanations for every concept.

QR Codes

Go 'Phygital'! Combining the best of both worlds, a QR code is linked to each topic in our books. Just scan it on your gadget and get a pop-up video, for a detailed lesson on-the-go every time.

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Live Action

Find your place in the new age of digital classrooms. Our 24x7 available online component lets you make unlimited revisions. Watch and listen to our team of expert trainers. Tune in anytime, anywhere to engage for a one-on-one tutorial.


Basics in books, Detailed Break-up on Video

What features do we offer?

Our packages are streamlined to fit into the right budget for the best quality of education. We offer multiple features, with each subscription matching technology to traditional learning methods.

One-Year Access

Once subscribed, all materials are available under your user account for an entire year. There is no limited availability or struggle to access these materials — just log in and learn, anytime.

Ideal Preparatory Books

An inclusive set of hard copy books is provided with each student subscription, containing all the carefully crafted learning material you need. All books are delivered to your doorstep via courier.

Video Tutorial Access

Every course of ours includes expertly produced and compiled video tutorials. We aim to help the student easily understand the concept and then practice it in their physical books.

100+ Courses

Our extensive and expanding library includes over 100 courses and videos. Whether it is CBSE or State Board, we provide course materials for subjects ranging from English to Maths.

QR Code

Our special design carries a QR code with every topic. While studying it, you just have to scan the code on your gadget. Immediately, you can check out a relevant video, which helps to grasp the concept.

Expert Mentors, Live Support

When it comes to knowledge, we respect it. All components of our courses are designed by experts in subject matter. Making the process interactive, we also provide support for all topics.

Join By Reference

Edu-Teck offers an exclusive chance to be one of the first movers to embrace change, providing subscriptions based on referrals. As education adapts rapidly to the ‘new normal’, we invite you on board to gain the primary advantage.

A Fresh Opportunity

With our direct selling system, you too can be part of the Edu-Teck family. Spread the opportunity for top quality learning in your community while earning rewards. From education to a contribution to the economy, we take our social responsibility very seriously!

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